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What is an adventure playground?

Origin and History of Adventure Playgrounds

Adventure Playgrounds have been around since the 1930s, when Danish landscape architect C. Th. Sørensen noticed how rarely children preferred structured play at playgrounds to more exploratory play in the dirt and mud of undeveloped lots. He proposed that urban areas especially needed “a junk playground in which children could create and shape, dream and imagine a reality.” There are hundreds of Adventure Playgrounds in Europe, but very few in the US, due to concerns over liability, visibly messy spaces, and the fear of letting children take risks.

Encouraging Optimal Risk, Independence, and Adventure

Our philosophy of play-based and self-directed learning allows children to explore and take risks. We manage the risk through adequate staffing and safety measures, and we believe it can be done safely to maximize freedom and minimize parental fear.

Trained play staff and volunteers are on hand at all time to supervise for safety, and to instruct kids in how to use tools. Otherwise, they hold back and let the kids lead. Adventure play is not directed by adults!  

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Most of the existing adventure playgrounds in this country are in California. Are we surprised?

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